IS-497 HB Helicopter

IS-497 HB is a hybrid helicopter designed and developed by SAITH TECHNOLOGIES. The Helicopter runs on six different fuels without making any adjustments on the engine. The two-seater helicopter incorporates many of the design features including a two-bladed rotor system and an open interior cabin configuration. It is a modern, fast, progressive helicopter line that should see us flying for many decades to come. The GPM Mobile Power is a revolutionary technology for future electric vehicles.

- Applications -

- Specs -

Standard Instruments

• Airspeed indicator

• Altimeter (in-Hg)

• Rotor/engine dual tachometer

• Manifold pressure gage

• Vertical speed indicator

• Magnetic compass

• Cylinder head temperature gage

• Fuel quantity gages

• Ammeter

• Digital clock

• OAT ga=ge/voltmeter

• Hour meter

• Oil temperature & pressure gages

• Carburetor temperature gage

Length 33.41 in (84.86cm)
Diameter 21.375 in (54.293cm)
Dry Weight 146 lb.(64kg)lb
Compressor Centrifugal Impeller Burners
Turbine Radio inflow Impeller
Maximum Power Output 60-150hp (45 to 112kW)
RPM 60000
Combustion Chamber Annular Reverse Flow with 6 Burners
Spool Layout Overhung Single Spool with Reduction
Ignition High Energy with Torch Igniter
Fuel System Mechanical Gera Pump and Electric
Fuel Control
Lubrication Wet Sump
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