Saith Hex–COPTER is a professional six-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) researched and developed by SAITH TECHNOLOGIES. This drone is of free-tool, quick-release structure, equipped with UHD wireless transmission system, and could support manual precision control and autonomous route flight. It has certain ability to work in the rain and is the best choice for danger investigation, border patrol, search and rescue missions, road monitoring, geological surveying and mapping, electricity inspection and forest fire prevention.

Agility In Flight

Designed to glide effortlessly

The Hex-copter (UAV Drone) is built from ground up for maximum agility, it moves effortlessly. With an upturned machine arm design in the form of higher power plane, lower center of gravity. It has more flight stability and a unique ability to resist the wind. The arm section uses the drop-shaped design, to take more lift giving a robust yet balanced flight.

Efficient operator, through sunshine and rain.

Strength in flight

A solution for border patrol.

Solid Body

The fuselage body adopts advanced high strength, high rigidity imported carbon fiber composite materials; use the integrated technology, according to the different parts of the body force analysis use different yarn layer thickness, in guarantee under the condition of rigidity and intensity of the lightest in weight.

Built with Carbon Fibre composite materials.

Connected in Flight

Powerful Connectivity

Structure connections and electrical connections integration design, using the limit slot and limit surface dual positioning, to ensure that the connection strength and also put an end to the machine arm twisting, with combination of easy to use and reliability. Well as integrated Gimbal components, containing cover, self-stabilized Gimbal, cameras and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dedicated HD wireless transmission system; according to need to be equipped with wide Angle lens, zoom, and thermal imaging camera.

Powerful Camera

UHD, Night Vision and Thermal Imaging.

HD Wireless Capabilities

Remote monitoring the machine through TDMA, CDMA and COFDM.

Durable in flight

Engineered to last longer

Disk motor at low speed and large size efficient combination of the carbon fiber paddle, 50 minutes of battery life; Single arm can provide maximum tensile strength of the 4.9 Kg, enough power margin; mount different weight of the load response to high altitude operation

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