Powered by magic, drives like a dream

Introducing the first truly independant vehicle.

Just when you thought it couldnt get better, it jut did. We have made one of the world's first cars that need no fuel, no recharging, no input. The Saith FEV is a full self powering electric vehicle, which uses the Dunamis. The GPM Mobile Power is a revolutionary technology for future electric vehicles.

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Energy Infinity

A New Era

We re-imagined the car from ground up. Powered by the Dunamis technology, we have built the world's first car with a self powering battery. The MSED powering the car is both a renewable energy with zero emmission. The MSED works perpetually creating enough energy to power the vehicle and recharge the batteries when necessary, it runs smoother and quieter.

No External Re-charging

No cost of building recharging stations a the car is completely self-powered.

ZERO Emissions

The EV does not emit any dangerous substances. Reducing pollution to 0.

Low Cost Maintenance

No big and expensive lithium-ion batteries.

Unlimited Driving Range

From Ground up we built the GPM to produce energy with no moving parts.

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