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Saith Holdings prides itself as a growth partner to its clients, technological partners as well as communities in which Saith Holdings operates. By declaring its self as a growth partner to its clients, technological partners and clients, Saith Holdings deliberately spends a lot of time and other resources ensuring that it has an intimate appreciation of the vision and the desires of its clients, technological partners as well as the communities in which it operates. This is the spirit that influences the solutions that Saith Holdings invents for the world.  As part of its corporate social responsibility, Saith Holdings actively seeks out talented youths whose backgrounds would deny them access to the world of technology and gives them coveted access to the world of technology by providing school fees, apprenticeship and mentorship programs. Saith Holdings also prides itself in always showcasing to the world some of the technological wonders that have their roots in Africa.   Starting from deconstructing and tinkering with household electrical appliances to the invention of an FM Radio Transmitter by its Founder, Saith Holdings has given the world the Green Power Machine, an electrical car that does not require recharging and a helicopter that uses several different fuels, amongst other inventions. From the humble and almost hopeless beginnings of its Founder, Saith Holdings now has a base in California as well as associates in several countries around the world. With relentless focus and the unwavering faith that is anchored on its Christian ethos, Saith Holdings is steadily growing into a global technology company with its proud roots in Africa.

Invest in us, unleash our potential and become our growth partner, not just for own benefit but for posterity. Contact us today: or call us on +263 719962560